You Can’t Cuddle a Computer

Embrace all of your problems, the meditation said
And this prompted an interesting thought to pop into my head
If I find technology to be the cause of all my dread
Should I really try to cuddle my computer?

It communicates through tweets and peeps and blinks and whirrs
All of its programmed processes are very well rehearsed
But it cannot regale me with a sonnet or a verse
And mostly I’m not sure it understands me

Now I know there are folk around who really love their laptop
Just lifting up the lid will be enough to make their heart pop
They turn it on, gaze at the screen and find it hard to stop
Their tap, click, send in Web Wide interaction

But I’ll admit I can’t commit to feeling much affection
For this slim-lined, automatic update, man-made automaton
And I believe that it knows when I’m scared to press a button
Wary of giving an incorrect instruction

And so it seems unwise to give my laptop any hugs
And I’m happy if it stays free from catching any bugs
And it’s a relief when, job done, I can pull out all the plugs
Cos I made it through the day without it crashing!