Workshops for October

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Altered Images; Oct 19th, 10am-1pm

This workshop combines coaching and self-empowerment techniques with a yoga session and is aimed at provoking  and identifying the negative responses to our body/self image. We may not see what others see in ourselves; we may not like what we see in ourselves but we need to understand how damaging our constant critical narrative is to both our mental and physical  health and how it affects our attitude towards and enjoyment of life.

This workshop is run by Georgina Roberson (Life Coach) and Heather Langley (Yoga Teacher). The workshop is priced at £35 (£30 before October 1st). YHM discount applies.

Get The Balance Right; Oct 26th, 10am-12.30pm

This is a yoga workshop which will examine our attitude towards the balance postures and their significance beyond the mat. We will explore various techniques to help secure each posture, whether standing balances, arm balances or inverted balances. Confidence is born of awareness and the attitude feeds the action.

Workshop run by Heather Langley. Price £25 (YHM £21.25)

Places are limited on both workshops so please book early to avoid disapointment!