Workshops for October & November 2018

Heather Langley Aerodynamic Yoga, Special Offers, Target Health Group

There are six workshops scheduled throughout October & November with an offer running alongside them. to see the offer and apply the valid code please visit


7th: Me, Myself & I

Learn about your innate algorithm that determines your energy levels, how you process food and the narrative you are likely to use to describe your life. Our health depends on our energy management and our responses or reactions as set by our nature can sometimes result in an inefficient use of our energy. Learn how to use your yoga practice to increase awareness and stop the ambush!

14th: Physical Engineering: Back Bends

We don’t have eyes in the back of our head so we must hone our awareness and build our confidence in order to execute these physically demanding postures safely. Suitable for experienced practitioners only.

21st: The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

If you find it challenging to encourage the mind to sit still and struggle with relaxation then this is the workshop for you! It’s useful to know why the mind struggles and give it motivation for practising the breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. This workshop is always popular so book early to be sure of your place!


4th: The Principles and Practice of Aerodynamic Yoga

What’s so different from Aerodynamic Yoga? When we practise yoga our mind is sending instructions to our body throughout and those instructions may not be energy efficient. Awareness in Action through greater understanding of our mindset or personal algorithm will help make our practice more energy efficient (aerodynamic) and so influence our life.  It’s easier than you think!

18th: The A.G.E. of the Ego

We cannot help but be influenced by what is happening in the world around us. We are naturally sociable creatures so our society and place within it matters. However, a puffed up or over active ego can distract us from our goals, slowing us down and causing drag. Learn how to protect yourself and your health from the ego driven world by using the postures to help re set your mind and responses.

25th: Get the Balance Right

Do you hate the moment in class when your instructor says “And now Tree Pose!” Balancing postures are guaranteed to reinforce a negative narrative if they are your yoga nemesis so the best thing you can do is face them head on and learn how to overcome their challenges. Expect to wobble a bit; balance is not a fixed point!

All workshops are on Sunday from 10am until 1pm and are £30 (£25 YHM)

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