Workshops for January 2017

Heather Langley 9T9 Habits4Health, Aerodynamic Yoga, Target Health Group

If you’re looking to start the year with a detox or are completely new to yoga there is a workshop for you.
HERE COMES THE SUN is a two part workshop focusing on the two sun Salutation sequences in the Aerodynamic Yoga Practice. This is an ideal workshop for anyone who is considering joining The Practice sessions with me as you begin to understand how to use the breath and move with energy efficiency as well as the method behind Aerodynamic Yoga. Sunday 15th January from 9.30am
DETOX & DRAG FREE focuses on not just the physical release of toxins or waste but also the mental letting go of all things that hold us back and slow us down. Essentially when we refer to toxins we are making reference to something which is not useful to us and could cause us harm. Cleanliness is an attribute of the second stage of yoga; one of the 5 Niyamas. Saucha or purity relates to cleanliness in all aspects of our life. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Sunday 22nd January 10am
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS YOGA is a workshop for anyone who has no experience of yoga but would like to start. It can be quite fear inducing if you imagine a room full of flexible people when you struggle just to put your socks on in the morning! I will explain away the myths and mystique of yoga in a straightforward, no nonsense manner that will persuade you that yoga is, indeed, for everyone! Sunday 29th January 10am
For more information about all the workshops we run please visit the workshops page.