Workshops for February & March 2019

Heather Langley Aerodynamic Yoga, Target Health Group

I’m delighted to announce 3 new workshops for the next two months and one popular repeat…


10th: *new* Mindful Gut

Your bacterial metropolis is designed to personally protect you but modern life means that our brain often overrides the communication from its separately functioning (enteric) nervous system. Learn how to trust your ‘gut’ instinct and use restorative yoga postures, breath work and meditation to maintain equilibrium.

17th: *new* Target Stress

Our perception of life’s events set up reactions which can help or hinder us. Suffering with anxiety or panic attacks or excessive anger or depression are all unhelpful reactions often caught up in established mental algorithms. This workshop is a safe environment for you to examine these reactions and learn how to use postures to experiment with more helpful responses.


3rd: Here Comes The Sun

Popular workshop which examines in detail the postures of the two Sun Salutation sequences as practised in The Aerodynamic Yoga Practice sessions. As Aerodynamic Yoga is primarily concerned with energy efficiency we are also interested in the cleanest way to transition between the postures and the breathing method to maintain a constant flow of energy throughout.

17th: *new* Sole to Soul

With our feet on the ground,  planet Earth keeps us connected to our physicality, of being here. Our Soul is a different ‘matter’ though, more of the Universe. How then do we connect to that? What is the soul and where is it in our body? Come to this workshop seeking answers…I certainly will!

All workshops are on Sundays at Target Health Group studio in Bedford Place, Southampton, between 10am and 1pm. The price is £30  per person (£25 for YHM members) and booking is essential.