Why Aerodynamic Yoga?


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If energy is the key to life, then energy management is the key to health. Every action requires energy and engages with force. Aerodynamic Yoga builds awareness of the energy and force in each action which helps you unlock the door to optimum health.


Your Health Matters

Health is essentially a pattern of behaviour, whether conscious or innate, preconditioned through genetic predisposition or learned as part of a disciplined regime. Energy also occurs as variable and recognised patterns of behaviour, indeed we could say that energy is the origin of all behaviour. Therefore, it follows that to optimise our health we need to become aware of how we use our energy, whether physical, physiological, mental or emotional.

The aim of Aerodynamic Yoga is to improve awareness of energy efficiency by observing our individual reactions to the situations the postures provoke and practicing techniques that will enable us to respond in a manner that promotes greater overall health.

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“Living with low back pain was exhausting. Now I know how to practice yoga safely to relieve the discomfort. Aerodynamic Yoga is a life saver!”


“Heather so accurately narrates each posture, it’s like she knows how my body is feeling!”


Heather understands the uniqueness in the physical challenges faced by each client and yet manages to make everyone feel included in her instruction.


“I have been to other yoga classes and tried other yoga teachers, but honestly Heather is the best!”