Well Versed in Meditation

Meditate, cogitate, to medicate your mind
Stop for just a moment. Observe and you will find
That random thoughts will come and go
Some move quickly, some move slow
But in the quiet you will know
When thoughts become entwined.

All that mental energy occurs at different speeds
As your brain tries to decode your world and pinpoint all your needs
Are you thirsty or too hot?
Maybe hungry? Maybe not
Are you fearful? Quite a lot
All physiological deeds

But when you sit in quiet calm your brain can have a rest
Focus on one thing you know, it’s really not a test
If you count as you breathe
Streamlined thoughts you’ll achieve
And in the present you’ll believe
That this moment is the best

And if you practice regularly you will demystify
The myths of meditation: the What? the How? the Why?
This mind reviving exercise
Will clear your foggy mental skies
And distinct thoughts will make you wise
And life your spirits high.