Understanding Energy: The Source of Life

Heather Langley Mental Guru

Or even ‘The Sauce of Life’! Energy is the fundamental origin of everything; every word, thought and action of all humans; determining nature, wildlife, the weather, the oceans, our atmosphere and beyond. Scientists devote their life’s work searching for the point of all creation; The Big Bang, retracing the Universe’s steps trying to locate the moment in time when it all began. But to understand energy you don’t need to be an astrophysicist. You just need to know two things; firstly, that it naturally expands and contracts rhythmically, and secondly, that whilst you need energy to make more energy, energy can never be destroyed.

The Rhythms of Life

All life begins with a bang of some sort! An explosion or expansion which must naturally be followed by a contraction phase or reduction to the point of vacuum where the expansion phase begins again. For humans the gestation of the embryo to foetus to baby at birth requires nine months of the mother sharing her own energy to quite literally make another human being. Then, at birth, the finishing touch is put to our own ‘energetic, rhythmic symphony’ as we take our first breath. The first inhalation will be the biggest inhalation most of us will ever take as we literally fill our empty lungs with air. Respiration is managed by our brain which first identifies a problem; the lack of oxygen. The brain then sends an instruction to the dome shaped diaphragm muscle which sits beneath the lungs and on top of the digestive organs. As this muscle contracts it draws the lungs downwards increasing their capacity, and obliging air to fill the newly made space. Once the oxygen has been exchanged with carbon dioxide, the diaphragm relaxes and releases upwards (as the lower digestive organs reclaim their space) pushing the used air up and out of the lungs. After our first breath our breathing rhythm settles depending on the requirements of the body. So we breathe, our heart beats, our digestive organs pulsate, our cells are spent and renewed and our brain waves (!) initially functioning without the constant interruption of thoughts. Once awareness of our ‘self’ lights up our consciousness we learn how to get beyond just being concerned with our needs alone. We become obsessed with what we want and how to get it!

Feel your Pulse; Mindfulness Exercise

Either sitting comfortably or lying down just begin to notice where in your body you feel your pulse without taking your hand to any known pulse point (your wrist, your neck or your chest). Just feel it. You are becoming mindful of an energetic rhythm and it is this rhythm that connects you to everything in existence!