The Story So Far

Heather Langley Mental Guru

One month in and hopefully a little bit wiser about the whys and wherefores of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Here’s a summary of what we have learnt so far:

  • Energy is the essence of life and has a rhythmic and repetitive nature; an expansive phase is followed by a reductive or contracting phase.
  • Energy originates from a vacuum, pause or a moment of quiet.
  • We all have a distinct and unique energetic rhythm which influences our individual nature.
  • Mindfulness is linked to the expansive phase of energy and Meditation is linked to the reductive phase of energy. We often use mindfulness techniques to prepare for meditation.
  • The best tool we have at our disposal for both meditation and mindfulness is the breath. This is because the breath exists only in the present moment.
  • Our many thoughts constantly draw on our energy; we plan things for the future and we dwell on past events. Bringing the mind back into the present helps to conserve energy levels and protect our physical and mental health.
  • The breath will ‘red flag’ pain and suffering. By using the breath as a tool for mindfulness and meditation we strengthen the bond between the brain/mind and the breath which then gives us the tools to manage our dis-stress.
  • Posture is Important in establishing our practice. Our meditation posture should become a reference for the brain in respect of a repeated (positive) experience.
  • You should keep smiling!

New habits can take up to 3 months before they feel an established part of your daily life. Let me know what your experiences are so far and if you have any questions in relation to either mindfulness or meditation.