Classes for Intermediates

1. Aerodynamic Yoga;
Recovery & Repair

A passive stretching class with the emphasis on reducing tension and breaking down scar tissue to help release and increase the muscular energetic capacity. The Thursday session will also include a deep relaxation to re-balance the mind. Previously called Sports Recovery Yoga this class is suitable for everyone, including those who regularly practice sports.

2. Aerodynamic Yoga;
Target Practice

A preparatory class for those with experience but new to the principles of Aerodynamic Yoga where we examine and explore aspects of The Practice , including The Sun Salutations, breathing techniques, transitions and the more challenging postures (‘Add-Ons’).

3. Core Yoga (Mixed Ability)

Suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga students as well as post natal yoga students and anyone who experiences back pain due to a weak core. Focusing on postures and techniques that help to strengthen and lengthen the core muscles for increased pelvic stability.

4. Aerodynamic Yoga – The Practice
(Yoga Experience Necessary)

A dynamic and fluid set sequence of postures synchronized with the breath. There may be add-ons or extra challenges but the emphasis is on the individual to dictate the pace and intensity of his/her practice. Extremely useful for helping to break old habits and patterns in relation to physical and mental reactions. 

I’ve been practising yoga for over 10 years and have improved more in this last year since I’ve been coming to Heather’s Aerodynamic Yoga Practice class than at any time previously!
– Jo, Southampton

5. The Back STR8

The Back Straight session takes eight postures that focus on stretching, strengthening and stabilizing to activate posture awareness and restore health and vitality to the back.

6. Aerodynamic Yoga; CircuIT Training

An original concept yoga class based on interval training. Short practices of breathing techniques interspersed with dynamic yoga sequences and meditation and linked in a smooth flowing session. Great for anyone wanting to reconnect with the use of the breath to support practice.

7. Get Up & Go, Go GO!

A dynamic early morning session to get the energetic juices flowing; better than caffeine!

8. Restorative Yoga with Tahlia &
Yin Yoga+ with Jackie

Both classes run on Fridays with Restorative Yoga at 5.30pm throughout the month. On the first Friday each month I run Feel Good Friday for treatments (members only) and to coincide with this Jackie will run her session at 6pm. Both teachers are highly medically qualified (Tahlia NHS nurse and Jackie NHS GP) and therefore employ their extensive Knowledge of health alongside a soothing and caring approach to yoga promoting an extremely calming and soothing session for body and mind.

9. Pit Stop Sessions

YOGA: A personalised group session of 50 minutes ideal for those who want to fit a yoga practice into their busy day! One price split between attendees £30 (max 6)
MEDITATION: A 30 minute session to help you train your mind to stand still; a valuable energy saving technique! £24 maximum 8 attendees.

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