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Welcome to our Boutique Yoga Studio at at:

Target Health Group

Lower Ground Floor, 76 Bedford Place, Southampton. SO15 2DF

At our unique Boutique Yoga Studio we offer a wide range of yoga classes including Ashtanga Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and exclusively Aerodynamic Yoga based classes; The Practice, Core Yoga, The Back STR8 and Recovery & Repair. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced student there’s a suitable class for everyone. The studio is compact so there are never more than 8 people in the class which means the instructor can monitor and assist every student throughout their yoga practice. Booking is, therefore, essential.

Aerodynamic Yoga classes

The emphasis in Aerodynamic Yoga is energy management so I combine practices from contrasting styles such as Dynamic Yoga and Yin Yoga alongside some self taught techniques in order to heighten the awareness of the challenge produced by the postures with the efficiency of the reaction (challenge + provocation = reaction).
The combination of dynamic and contemplative practices inevitably provokes reactions which demonstrate our habitual responses to daily situations. This helps to highlight to each participant where their strengths and weaknesses lie and where they may have some ‘drag’. Drag is a term applied to resistance in action. It is what holds us back and weighs or slows us down. We need to be aware of it and we need to know how to reduce it. Drag is energy inefficiency.
By practising Aerodynamic Yoga we become more energy aware and therefore more energy efficient. Aerodynamics deals with energy efficiency in relation to an object´s movement through its environment. We cannot control our environment and the situations that we encounter. However, we can control our reactions to these situations by choosing, from a wider range of experienced responses, which one would be the most energy efficient and, therefore, the most energy effective.
These are the aims and objectives of Aerodynamic Yoga.

Thank you for your patience in teaching, for sharing your knowledge and for welcoming me into your yoga haven. You have opened my eyes to the real potential of yoga and have inspired me to continue The Practice.

– Becky



Morning Lunchtime/ Afternoon Evening
Monday 9.30am-10.45am:
Ashtanga Yoga
Aerodynamic Yoga;
Recovery & Repair
Core Yoga
Wednesday   5.30pm-6.45pm:
Aerodynamic Yoga;
Target Practice
Aerodynamic Yoga;
Thursday 10am-11.15am:
Core Yoga
Rocket Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Aerodynamic Yoga;
Recovery & Repair


Saturday 9am-10.15am:
The Back STR8
Meditation with Jeanette
Breathe, Meditate, Relax
for MIND
9T9 Habits4Health
Sunday 10am-1pm:
Workshops (various)

Class Booking Form:

Class Booking Form