Pit Stop Yoga & Meditation

What is Pit Stop Yoga ?

Pit Stop Yoga is a compact class of 50 minutes duration, with the theme tailor made to suit the collective goals of the participants (maximum number 6). There is one price (£30) which is divided between the attendees and the class can be arranged at a time to suit those participating, between 8am and 4pm.

Pit Stop Meditation is a 30 minute session priced at £24 with a maximum of 8 attendees.

Who is Pit Stop Yoga suitable for?

From beginners to experienced students, the Pit Stop Yoga class is engineered to suit the students’ needs and aims, and as there’s one fixed fee which is split between all students it keeps everyone motivated to attend; 3 students pay £10 each, 4 students pay £7.50 each, 5 students pay £6 each and 6 students pay £5 each!

Examples of suggested class themes:
  • Core Yoga to strengthen the core muscles and help prevent lower back pain.
  • Yoga for the Back to release and strengthen the muscles that support the spine.
  • Ante Natal Yoga to prepare the body for the postural changes that pregnancy brings.
  • Post Natal Yoga to strengthen the core and improve posture awareness.
  • Relaxation and Meditation to calm the body and restore the mind. (30 mins)
  • Aerodynamic Yoga for optimum physical and mental energy fitness.
  • Walk, Run, Jump; YOGA! for improved fitness, including weight loss. (see below)
The pit falls of bad posture and movement habits are physical discomfort and mental distress.

Avoid the pit falls with Pit Stop Yoga!

*NEW* Walk, Run, Jump; YOGA!

This 60 minute session is an outdoor class (central Southampton) so weather permitting! Train your body to be more efficient at resourcing energy by applying yoga based breathing techniques whilst improving awareness in low, medium and high impact movements. Includes yoga postures. Maximum 8 people £40.
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