One2one Personal Target Training

Every individual nurtures their own personal goals throughout their life and this is no different when it comes to their yoga practice.

In fact, your Aerodynamic Yoga practice can help you achieve your life goals as you become more aware of the nature of your energy and how to best manage it.

This includes gaining knowledge about your reactions in challenging situations which might not be the most energy efficient and therefore result in a less positive outcome.

We know that when the body is weak and clumsy this affects how we feel and act. And so inevitably when the body is strong and adept in movement then our mental responses reflect this.

A One2one Personal Target Training session of 90 minutes can help you achieve this in a quicker time with the entire focus being on your goals. For more information or to book a One2one session with Heather contact us.

Sports Target Training

The Aerodynamic Yoga approach to sport relies on the principles of Aerodynamic Yoga; energy awareness in relation to action and reaction. Sports training looks at every required aspect of the designated sport; ability, agility, strength and endurance, and pursues varying methods of achieving optimum fitness (physical and mental).

Aerodynamic Yoga supports all other training methods; it is not an alternative. However, it adds this dimension of energy observation and experimentation in order to increase the range of reactions, tried and tested, giving the sportsperson more options in the unpredictable environment of competition.

Heather performing Bakasana

A coach, trainer or physiotherapist cannot properly assess an athlete from the outside. The onus is on the athlete to take responsibility for their state of health. Many injuries occur through a lack of awareness e.g. overstretching or ignoring signs of stress. Team sports, e.g. football, suffer from bad reactions in relation to the individual (energy fuelled by aggression or frustration). It takes a brave sportsperson to face up to the fact that they are responsible for the undesired situation they find themselves in. But sportspeople are brave and they want to do and be the best they can. So knowing that they can do better makes them the perfect participant for a yoga practice, especially a practice that has been designed with sport in mind. Aerodynamic Yoga helps the sportperson to maximise their energy potential by raising awareness to their energy resource and distribution during both training and competition.

The potential for success of any training method is always governed by the degree of involvement of the participant. Their willingness to try a new approach requires belief in its effectiveness and faith in the instructor. I recognise that this is essential and therefore offer a free trial session for any sports team or professional sportsperson who is interested in Aerodynamic Yoga energy training for sport. Please contact me for more information.

I’m a cyclist and I’ve done other exercise programmes in the past to help build core strength. I’d noticed that other cyclists had a strong preference for sports orientated Yoga as along with developing core strength it also worked on whole body flexibility and strength.

I looked around for local classes and luckily found Heather’s Aerodynamic Yoga class. I was initially nervous about doing Yoga, but the classes have been great. Heather is a great coach and you definitely feel like you’ve had a workout at the end of the session.

I’ve now been going for a couple of months and am already noticing improvements in strength flexibility and breathing that are reaping their benefits on the bike.

Paul, Southampton

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Yoga Therapy

More often than not the body finds itself out of balance as a result of postural and movement habits. This can cause acute or chronic physical distress with recurring symptoms ranging from sciatica to fatigue and headaches. Yoga Therapy is a 30 minute target session focusing on the cause of the symptoms with an aim to redress the balance throughout the body. The postures are taught with the intention of the client being able to continue their practice at home to help correct bad movement or postural habits that are causing the underlying imbalance. Ideal for chronic or acute conditions including recovery from injury or other recurring conditions.