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Due to Covid19 there will be restrictions on treatments. For more information or to book please text 07717188845. I hope to re-open the studio in July.

Boutique Yoga Studio & Holisitic Health Suite

Lower Ground Floor, 76 Bedford Place, Southampton. SO15 2DF

At our centrally located Southampton studio we offer a wide range of treatments in addition to the yoga classes, including massage, reflexology and sports therapy. Our aim is to create the perfect programme for health for each individual whilst promoting both physical and mental health with equal importance.

Target Health Group was founded in 2013 by Aerodynamic Yoga teacher Heather Langley, who has been working in the field of massage for more than 24 years. Heather specialises in combining a variety of techniques including deep muscle tissue massage to myofascia release in order to achieve the most effective, therapeutic treatment for the client.  She also welcomes the opportunity to work alongside other health professionals.

Details of Treatments

All treatments are with Heather Langley throughout the week unless otherwise stated

Deep Tissue Tension Release Massage Therapy

Muscles are designed to respond to impulses and messages from the brain. All muscular activity originates in the brain and muscular activity does not always result in action or movement. So tension accumulates, often in the back, neck and shoulder area which is also most closely associated with the central nervous system. Bad posture and misalignment in the pelvic area are also common reasons for muscular aches and pains. Having had 21 years experience I centre my massage around the fact that whilst I may be massaging the trapezius or the deltoid, the name that most concerns me is that of the person on the couch. It is their brain that instructs their trapezius or their deltoid to act. I have learned that you cannot simply apply a technique to a muscle and expect it to relax. This is because whilst I may be massaging muscles, I am treating an individual.

I have had many massages over the years but can honestly say that Heather has healing hands! Firm but relaxing and very professional, she tailors the massage to your needs, in my case, focusing on the shoulders rather than following a scripted routine. As a bonus she is a lovely, genuine, warm and positive person. I had not found a massage therapist I wanted to visit regularly until Heather; despite my shoulders needing regular therapy. I now have monthly massage, and combined with The Back Straight yoga class, my shoulder pain has reduced significantly and I feel I am better able to manage.
Heidi, Southampton

I’ve had massage from other therapists before but once you’ve had a massage with Heather, you won’t want to go to anyone else!
Rebecca, Southampton

Thank you, Heather for the best massage I’ve ever had! It felt like you really understood what my body and my muscles needed. I feel amazing!
-Mala, Southampton

Soft Tissue Trauma Release Therapy

This is a dry massage combining the various techniques of Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage and Muscle Fibre Realignment with the aim of releasing trauma trapped within the tissues of the body.

The myofascia is a webbing not dissimilar to a spider’s web which extends throughout the body in a continuous sheath. It acts as a binding for tissues and fibres as well as absorbing shock and both transmitting and displacing energy. Where the body has experienced trauma this webbing becomes distorted and struggles to regain form. I use myofascial stretching techniques alongside realignment of muscle fibres and efficient removal of toxins so that the soft tissue can experience optimum health. This treatment is ideal for repetitive strain injury, restricted joints and chronic muscular pain.


We are made up of living cells; they are living because they contain energy (although technically energy cannot be contained!) Therefore, we are full of energy, in our body tissues, and fluids, in a constant state of motion. I believe this energetic rhythm to be innate and as individual as we are. It is this pre-determined energetic rhythm that also determines our state of health so when we are energetically ‘out of time’ then we will struggle to maintain our naturally healthy state. Reflexology helps to locate energy imbalances in the body and the focus of the treatment is then on redressing the balance and recovering the natural energetic rhythm of the individual. The therapist works solely on the feet and the treatment itself should be painless and deeply relaxing.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Use as an aid to detoxification and weight loss programmes or to help reduce inflammation and swelling due to fluid retention. Exceptionally helpful in cases of IBS, chronic migraine, stress and other disorders of the nervous system as it is both calming and soporiphic. Can be combined with both massage and reflexology treatments.

Tranquil Aromatherapy

Thursday 10am – 2pm with Jacqui Cammish

Jacqui offers a wide variety of therapeutic, remedial and holistic massages and facials by using essential oils; nature’s botanical essences to create a personalised and deeply relaxing treatment.

Treatment Booking Form

Treatment Booking Form