Take the Plunge as you Lunge

This little rhyme is dedicated to all those who attend my Core Yoga classes.

Lunge rhymes with plunge, I think you’ll agree
And sponge and bunge too (which makes no sense to me)
So, let’s take a step back: a generous one
For I want to show you that lunging is fun

Decide first which foot stays put at the front
And stand firmly on it, for it takes the brunt
Of your weight when you step back a metre or so
It helps keep you balanced. Steady as you go

Now check that your back foot is correctly placed
Without turning round and no question of haste
Your front knee should align with the back of your heel
Too far forward and you’ll know by how your quadriceps feels

If it burns slide your back foot a bit further back
And make sure that you don’t let your back leg go slack
Sit low in the posture: don’t let your hips lift
Remember that gravity is really a gift

A natural force. That means push and pull
It’s fodder for muscles. Now I’m sure that you’ll
Be ready to exit this posture by now
So let me explain quite carefully how

You inhale and shift your weight backwards so you
Can wait for the exhalation and push through
Your back foot and replace it at the front of your mat
Your see lunge rhymes with plunge. Now how easy was that!