Slow Motion Motivation

When you’re cosy and warm and tucked up in bed
And outside it’s blowing a gale
And you can’t seem to find the right gear in your head
Good intentions all to no avail

The first step is tricky and this is well known
So throwing the covers back will
Mean the bed is now an uncomfortable zone
And you’ve started a steep climb uphill

If you rise with a wince or a moan or a whine
Or emissions a bit lower down
Just stretch up and yawn and soon you’ll feel fine
And your face will be free of its frown

If nature calls then its bathroom bound
To tend to your ablutions
You can whistle a tune if you like, to the sound
Of your colon’s machinations

Brush, gargle then rinse and splash with cold water
You’re ready for action now
Get dressed so that there’s no chance you will falter
Already you’re winning and how!

So when you feel your motivation is flat
Don’t ask yourself why, say why not
Get up and at ’em! Get ready to bat
And soon you’re be hitting the spot!