Slow Down; You Move Too Fast

Heather Langley Mental Guru

Life just got busier; crammed with dashing here and there, fulfilling commitments to work, friends and family. Sometimes it feels as if my feet don’t touch the ground and there never seems to be enough time to do everything I want to do, so I plan to do it tomorrow but then tomorrow I’m busier still! Where does the time go?

Slow Motion

Anyone who has either been in an accident or had a near miss will recount their story and say “It all happened in slow motion.” This ‘phenomenon’ isn’t anything other than a stripping away of all deemed ‘unnecessary’ thoughts in an instant so that the brain can focus all its attention on the life threatening situation happening now in order to act for the best outcome. Life actually moves at that moderately slow speed all of the time. It’s just that because there are so many active thoughts all jostling for our attention most of the time it’s as if the record we’re listening to is playing at double speed.

Stay Focused; A Mindfulness Exercise

Give yourself more time by training your brain to stay focused on the job in hand. Before you do this exercise write down all pressing thoughts that are in your head right now; make a list of things to do later so you know you won’t forget them.

You will need a coin; I think a £1 coin works best as it fits nicely in the palm of my hand. Find a quiet place to sit where you will be undisturbed and place one hand on top of the other in your lap with the palms face up. Lay the coin in the centre of the uppermost palm and take 3 deep breaths, softening your gaze with each exhalation.

Let your gaze rest on the coin in your palm, observing its shape, texture and how it feels. Notice how often you need to blink as you learn to focus and encourage your eyes to soften so that the urge to blink comes less and less. It doesn’t matter which way up the coin is as you don’t need to read or decipher what is printed on it. Just become aware of the details and contours of its surface. By practicing this exercise for 5 minutes you are encouraging your brain to stand still and focus. And by being more focused you will make better use of your time.