Satisfaction Guaranteed

I can’t get no! I can’t get no!…complained Mr Jagger
No satisfaction. Yes that’s right
It’s what gives you that swagger
But can we ever offer a cast iron guarantee
Against bitter disappointment
Nope. Cos life’s not fair, you see.

It’s one of the most important lessons we should learn in school
We should be taught that acceptance
Is a very useful tool
And living in the moment will be our safest bet
For our emotional intelligence
Is a mental health asset.

And what really is the point of wrestling with despair
You can’t tackle an emotion
That’s like pinning down the air
Emotions are simply expressing our current point of view
And the thing about perspective is
It’s as personal as you.

Experience blends with circumstance to confront a situation
We ask: How will this affect me?
And build an expectation
But when imagination creates an unpleasant scenario
One certain thing holds true which is
How tomorrow looks? We don’t know.

So keep your mind on the road ahead and try to avoid the potholes
It’s a metaphor for life, you see
And the best way to achieving your goals
And when emotions overwhelm just look them in the eye
And say: Hey mate, I think you’re wrong…
Cheerio. Adios. Goodbye!