Satisfaction Guaranteed

The theme for this poem is Satisfaction and why it seems that frequently we can’t seem to get any. Remember my observations are very personal but I listen to commentaries and discussions and there seems to be a common thread. Dissatisfaction. We have become adept at complaining and we only complain when we are dissatisfied or not happy.

So, as I understand it, satisfaction is the state of being sated. Being sated can be described as the moment when we feel we do not need to eat anymore. We have had enough. Our fair share and want for nothing more…until the next time we feel hungry of course. You see, already, the fact that the feeling of being sated doesn’t last means that we know that the state of satisfaction is impermanent. We also know that we can trick the mind (and body in the instance of food) to believing that we are not sated and that we can continue to eat. We have distracted the mind’s natural processes away from the sensation of being sated towards the sensations of sensorial gratification specifically the titillation of your tastebuds. I have an affection for certain words, and I like to use the word titillation when I can!

 We have trained ourselves to appreciate the value of eat all you can buffets when we clearly do not need to eat vast amounts for our body to feel sated. So, we have distorted our idea of what it is to be satisfied and alongside that there is a social narrative that reinforces the belief that the more money we have, the happier we will be. I will not dispute the fact that financial security reduces levels of physical, mental and emotional stress which inevitably leads to better health and there has been research done which has determined the ideal salary for optimal happiness…nope…me neither! This in my mind only reinforces the mistaken belief that if you have less money than someone else you should be dissatisfied with your lot.

We can fall into a spiral of always wanting more and this will lead us into mental and emotional despair. This is no way to live your life. I am not saying that you should give up your goals and be satisfied with where you are right now, but that if we lose the connection to the sensation of satisfaction, how on earth will we ever be satisfied?!

And so, here is today’s poem entitled: Satisfaction Guaranteed.


I can’t get no! I can’t get no! Complained Mr Jagger
No Satisfaction, yes that’s right, it’s what gives you that swagger
But can we ever offer a cast iron guarantee
Against bitter disappointment? Nope, cos life’s not fair you see.

You’ll always see that someone has more money than you do
But there are people worse off and you know this to be true.
This discontented “I want more!” is a greed invoked reaction
To be content with where you are is to know Satisfaction.

The most important and first lesson we should learn in school
Is the knowledge that acceptance is a very useful tool
For what really is the purpose of our wrestling with despair
You can’t tackle an emotion: that’s like pinning down the air!

Emotions are just expressions of our current point of view
And the thing about perspective is it’s as personal as you.
But society creates a narrative to confront a situation
We ask: Where do I fit in? and build our expectation.

Now expectation damages relationships you know,
And always wanting more is not a healthy way to go.
And living in the moment will be the best way yet
To improve your emotional intelligence. That is your safest bet.

So when you think that you’re fed up and that you’ve had your fill
Of being last in fortune’s queue, unmentioned in life’s will.
Just take a look at what you own and count up all your stuff
And soon I’m sure you’ll realise you have way more than enough!


Don’t swallow the line that you’re not fine. It’s a metaphoric pothole
Just use your motivation to steamroll the road to your goal
And when dissatisfaction calls, just look it in the eye
And say: Hey mate. Get out of here!  Cheerio. Adios. Goodbye!