Press the PAUSE button…

Heather Langley Aerodynamic Yoga, Mental Guru, Target Health Group

“Menopause is a myth!” Yes, incredibly this is the extraordinary declaration made to me by a woman (of a certain age). I remember being both amazed and shocked whilst expressing my disagreement with her claim. I think I may well have been embarking on my own menopausal journey at the time (although often at the outset you’re not really sure whether you’re menopausal or just stressed!), but I was acutely aware of the real physical, physiological and mental chaos that this ‘change’ could cause through the many disturbing case histories of friends and clients.

Chaos because you don’t get an advance warning of the distressing symptoms produced by the hormonal imbalances.

Chaos because these symptoms take over your life when they occur, causing major disruption, i.e. unrecognisable and disordered personality with depression and mood swings, sleep deprivation and night sweats (aka sauna in the bed moment), sudden and fierce anxiety and panic attacks.

Chaos because even when you know in your heart and mind that your life is fabulous, you are overwhelmed by an irrational fear that you cannot cope with any of it…(press pause)…

And this was the moment when I knew that I needed the help of another healthcare professional, my caring and understanding GP, who listened, empathised and talked through my options, giving me the right to choose my own, personal treatment plan.

I am a great believer* in the power of natural medicines and so, for a while this belief was an obstacle to me pursuing a more orthodox medical approach. It felt, initially, like I was failing the community of Complementary Healthcare Professionals I feel so proud and privileged to be a part of.. Whilst I cannot lie and say I tried every option available to me in this field, I did try many remedies specifically recommended for my menopausal symptoms but nothing I tried made a significant impact on their growing severity. My work, my relationships and my health was beginning to suffer* and I needed to find a solution. I needed to let go of unrealistic expectations and be honest with myself.

It was, therefore, necessary for me to overcome my pride* and ask for help in order to move forward and free myself from the shackles of my hormonal hostage takers. The treatment that I am now taking acts to ‘muffle the ransom notes’ sent by the chemical messengers, giving my body and mind a chance to outwit and outplay their ambush!

Giving me a chance to get my life back on track…


I can cope and I’m raring to go…no sweat!


  • Obstacles as detailed in The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali ( Illness/injury being the first, Mistaken ideas & beliefs and Pride are also listed)