Podclass Playlists


To start your online yoga practice, follow these three easy steps:

1. Create your account with Aerodynamic Yoga Online.

2. Choose your Podclass Playlist and set up your subscription.

3. Roll out your mat and Press Play. 

What is a Podclass?

A Podclass is a Playlist formed of 2 or more videos which are designed to be watched in sequential order to help guide you through a virtual themed class.

These themed playlists are purposefully designed for ease of use so that you can personalise your practice each time you log in.

You can choose when and how you want to practice and the duration of your practice and, if you need to, you can pause your playlist, skip a video or even watch a video again if you want to repeat the posture.
Your subscription to Aerodynamic Yoga Online means that you can create your own personal yoga studio timetable, so now there’s no reason to miss your favourite yoga class!

I use the breathing techniques to help reduce my anxiety levels and I’ve even started meditating! It’s changed my life.


“Heather so accurately narrates each posture, it’s like she knows how my body is feeling!”


Heather’s unique brand and feel-good philosophy has meant that I have learnt much more than just how to stretch safely!


“After a really challenging day at work, the Total Relaxation Podclass was a life saver!”