Pimp My Mind

The past year gave me plenty of time to think…too much time really. It allowed me to venture into the recesses of my mind and explore those parts that have been neglected, like self compassion. I also watched as the situation, like a very bad storm, took its toll on my mental health. Except it was really my own perception of how I believed the situation was affecting my life and perception values company. We need the perception of others at times to help give us a balanced overview on how things are and will be.

I struggled to remain in the present moment and didn’t always find that meditation was helpful as its purpose had been to keep me in the moment. My mind wanted to find a way out of the situation and what it would usually do is invest in the future, or at least, my perception of how the future might look. The possibilities and plans I make. The problem was we couldn’t make any firm plans and it seemed the possibilities were greatly diminished.

As we get our lives back on track we also need to get into our minds and do a little patching up where damage has been done. Take a little time to renovate or, as I like to call it, pimp your mind.

I like the sound of that and so, of course, it has become the title for another metrical musing. You can watch me recite this poem and all others on my You Tube channel, A Stitch In Rhyme. I hope you enjoy this poem.


It’s been a worrying time for me
throughout this lockdown year.
And in my mind, I’ve noticed cracks
have started to appear.

The wallpaper that lines the walls
of my perception is peeling,
And there are many layers
that the top one is concealing.

The window frames are rattling as
I pause for contemplation.
The more I look, the more I see
my mind’s a devastation.

The floorboards creak as I peruse
to find some inspiration.
and so I recognise that there’s a
need for renovation!

The fuses have all blown,
my optimism is in the dark;
I need to start rewiring
just so I can get a spark!

My confidence has dry rot
with a mouldy self-esteem.
My motivation needs a lighter,
brighter colour scheme!

My bright and breezy manner
has just vanished without trace,
and it’s cold and dank and draughty
in this unfamiliar place.

It seems there’s been subsidence in
my self-compassion too.
And the curtains of my patience
are a shabby, grimy hue.

I’ve really been at my wit’s end:
that’s more than just a rumour.
So, I’ll rip up carpets & strip the floorboards
of my sense of humour.

And can the framework of my mind
withstand throughout their beams,
the weight of expectation:
all my faith, and hopes and dreams?

The roof has got a hole in:
my determination too.
I falter on the pathway
as the water pours down through.

I’ll have to dig down deep
until I locate the foundations
and I’ll find my temperament can
withstand strong, seismic vibrations.

And so…
Bit by bit, I will restore
my rundown character,
until I’ve brought my mind’s house
back to life and back to the…

Person I know myself to be,
the one that you knew too:
the brave and cheerful, cheeky one.
I’m sure I can come through.

I’ve pimped my personality traits
and updated my mind.
I’ve filled a skip with narrative
that I will leave behind.

The walls are now bright yellow
with a little touch of pink.
It’s an uplifting and vibrant
combination, don’t you think?

So, when I’m feeling rundown
like my mind has been demolished.
Deep amid the rubble I’ll find
some part clean and polished. And then I’ll rebuild brick by brick
and add on an extension
‘cos experience helps my mind to grow
and adds to its valuation!