Now, more than 50 Podclass Playlists!

In September 2020, I started selecting postures and writing scripts for the instructional videos to be recorded in October. The first ambitious batch of 60 videos took over 3 months to produce including hours spent in the editing suite adding the graphics and selecting the best camera angle! Staring at myself onscreen for days on end was only made an enjoyable experience by my fabulous videographer/design and editing team of Nick and Sam to whom I am eternally grateful!

So, I recorded some more! Just another 15 but this has meant that I have been able to add another 20 Podclasses to the Playlists page. That’s a lot of playlists to scroll through I realise, but they are more or less in order of duration, so the shorter 20 minutes long Playlists appear first then, as you scroll down the page you reach those of 40 minutes and 60 minutes duration.

Each Podclass Playlist is themed so you can now choose to improve upper body strength in ‘Strong Arms‘, get gravity defying glutes in ‘Booty Call‘ or simply let it all go in ‘Detox & De-Stress‘. Perhaps you’d like to focus on your dynamic practice in the ‘Building Vinyasa‘ or ‘Target Practice‘ series or possibly you’re in the mood to challenge your balance with the ‘Core Balance‘ series of playlists. For those of you who already have some experience of Aerodynamic Yoga scroll right to the end to find The Practice with over 25 videos to help you learn the sequence of postures that make the Aerodynamic Yoga Signature class.

Subscription is still only £8 per month which, at less than the price of one yoga class in a studio, makes it one of the best investments you can make for your health. And like I always say…

Your Health Matters!