Note To Self

Heather Langley Mental Guru

When I was younger there seemed to be no end of ‘experienced‘ people willing to give their advice, whether I had asked for it or not! On writing this it occurs to me that I might now fall into that category so the first note to self is to only give advice when it is asked for!

A Piece Of My Mind for Your Peace Of Mind

What if you had the chance to give your younger self advice? What would you say? Here’s what i would say to my younger self:

Learn to identify The Attitude Behind The Action

 This will stop you from being so unnecessarily defensive when people are only trying to help or be kind, even if it seems they’re getting it wrong! It will also help you to recognise that your nature is good even if sometimes you try too hard to please people and wind up annoying them inadvertently. You are a good person!

You will also need to be brave. You will find out having identified ‘The Attitude Behind The Action‘ that it will be necessary to distance yourself from some people who do not have your best interests at heart.

You are a perfectly normal human being, with flaws. Your flaws will help you learn about yourself in a way that will enable you to help others. Embrace them.

Be grateful for your life and the gift of your body and your mind.

Never stop asking questions and being curious but learn when to accept the brutal truth!

Life is not fair

It is not a level playing field. Don’t waste your energy on over striving. You have nothing to prove to anyone, including yourself.

Not all pain is necessary. Don’t beat yourself up.

People genuinely like you. Believe it.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin; they have equal monetary worth. Beware of being wasteful with either experience; value them both.

Learn to observe more and judge less. Opinions are transitory. Perspectives change depending on where you stand.

Practice yoga, meditate, take care of your skin and be interested in your diet.


Get involved in your community.

Embrace dog ownership.

Sometimes the terrain will not allow for long strides (metaphorically speaking). Stop. Get your breath. Walk on but tread carefully.

Practice Awareness in Action!

Quit while you’re ahead…!

H x