New Therapy for September

Heather Langley Special Offers, Target Health Group

Life & Wellness Coaching by Georgina Roberson

I am delighted to welcome to Target Health Group Georgina Roberson who will offer her unique combined treatment/therapy on Monday afternoons.

Life & Wellness Coaching has been designed for anyone who would like to change their life but doesn’t know where to start. When we go on holiday we read guide books so that we have the information we need to make the most of our trip. Life doesn’t come with a guide book and sometimes we can feel lost as the World around us continues at its relentless pace. This is when we need help and where a Life Coach can offer us support and guidance. Georgina is passionate about her work and, like myself, believes that the treatment should be designed around the individual. She is discreet and professional and specialises in Low Self Esteem, Weight Issues, Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Menopause, Pain & Anger Management and Breaking Habits.

If you would like more information about Georgina’s Treatments or wish to book an appointment please contact me.

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