New Therapy for November 2014

Heather Langley Massage, Target Health Group

Soft Tissue Trauma Release Therapy

I am delighted to be able to offer this new dry massage therapy as a result of recently studying Myofascial Release Technique. The myofascia is a sheath not dissimilar to a spider’s web that wraps around individual muscle fibres, groups of fibres and the entire body of the muscle, giving it its shape or form and also acting as a protection for shock/impact to the fibres as it displaces the energy involved in this action. However, like a spider’s web the myofascia is a delicate structure and whilst it protects the muscle and its fibres it will absorb the trauma itself, trapping it in a distorted web.

This dry massage aims to release the distortion and realign the webbing whilst softening the muscle fibres and reducing any associated scar tissue. I apply muscle tissue softening and pressure point techniques alongside manual lymphatic drainage techniques and the Myofascial Release Technique to produce a treatment which is suitable for chronic muscle and/or joint pain which had been produced by a previous injury, repetitive strain injury and any scar tissue which restricts the performance of the underlying muscles.

50 minutes £35; 75 minutes £50

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