Long COVID Recovery Session

If, like me, you are now having to manage the symptoms of ‘so called’ Long COVID you’ll be acutely aware of the difference in your recognised capacity to practice and recover from exercise or any physical activity. According to the NHS website, common long COVID symptoms include: extreme tiredness and overall fatigue, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, irregular joint and muscle pain, problems with memory (aka brain fog), and depression and anxiety. It can be really quite demoralising, especially when you normally ‘bounce back’ from viruses or infections or were considered a ‘fit’ person before catching COVID.

When I am suffering an episode of long COVID I might wake up with considerable pain in my wrists and unexplained aches in my hips and back. I can go for days feeling constantly nauseous with a gripping pain in my stomach, and at times, the fatigue is overwhelming. It’s like the menopause all over again but much worse!

So, because I know that I am not alone and that we all need a little encouragement and direction in our recovery from the lasting effects of this virus, I will be running a live session starting on the 19th April at 12pm for 45 minutes which will address some of these specific symptoms, hopefully enabling us to establish some techniques to help self-manage our recovery. There is an interactive chat with this session and, as those of you who attend my classes in the studio know, I prefer to take my cue from the attendees.

If, you, or someone you know is still in the post viral recovery process, maybe has good days and ‘bad’ days, please consider subscribing to this session. We help each other as we learn to help ourselves.

The price for the session is only £3.50 and you don’t need to be a regular subscriber to attend. Simply sign up and go straight to the Webinars page on the header bar. Then click on the session(s) you wish to attend.