Live Sessions

Connecting Teacher & Student

As your yoga teacher, it is my purpose to guide you as your yoga practice evolves. Whilst I admit that nothing can replace teaching students in a controlled studio environment, the Live Sessions are the next best thing.


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There are a variety of different sessions to choose from depending on your needs.
For example, you could sign up to the regular Coffee Break Meditation session where, over a freshly brewed cup of coffee, we first contemplate an issue and then meditate to reinforce the theme. Or perhaps you need a more dynamic Morning Motivation session to help boost energy levels and help get your inner motor running. There are regular Pit Stop Yoga Clinics that focus on topics related to your practice such as specific health issues and frequently asked questions. These sessions are all 45 minutes duration and are priced at £3.50
The Themed Workshops concentrate on the various aspects of posture construction including the potential benefits and many variations of one posture, with the aim of informing and educating the student, so that they can build a safe and confident yoga practice. Occasionally, I will be assisted in these sessions by another healthcare specialist. These sessions are 75 minutes duration and priced at £6.
In all of the live sessions you have the option to interact with the instructor. This interactive facility also helps me to personalise each session according to the online participants, which is exactly how I teach in the studio.
You do not have to be a regular subscriber to join these sessions. Simply Sign Up and go the the webinars page to select the live session you would like to attend.
If you are looking for information about Yoga Classes in the Southampton studio please click here. 

“Living with low back pain was exhausting. Now I know how to practice yoga safely to relieve the discomfort. Aerodynamic Yoga is a life saver!”


Aerodynamic Yoga delivers a fantastic focus on the dynamics of force through the innate muscular connection to it. Heather is an intuitive instructor who effectively adapts each posture to meet the individual’s needs. Her unique instruction helps even the most reticent beginner feel at ease. You only need to try it out once to be hooked!