Life’s Rich Tapestry; Human Nature versus Individual Nature

Heather Langley Mental Guru

We’re all (only) human but within this species of beings there are many variations! Have you ever considered how much of who you are is governed by genes, or by where or when you were born? There are constant ongoing scientific studies pursuing the definitive answers to these questions but over 4000 years ago a theory was put forward as a means for establishing a person’s true nature with a view to helping them maintain and optimize their health. This methodology is still applied today and is called Ayurveda.

The Power of Three – The Tridosha System

When explaining this I use the analogy of the 3 primary colours; red, blue and yellow. We know that all other colours on the spectrum are formed from a blend of these three colours. In Ayurveda there are three ‘doshas’ that occur to a greater or lesser degree in all humans which help establish or ‘colour’ our individual nature; from our physical build, including skin and hair texture to our character; the way we talk, think, react and interact with others. Understanding our dosha constitution helps us understand why we are the way we are and can guide our choices with regards to maintaining mental and physical health.

A Load of Balls

In terms of energy or energetic rhythms these three doshas can be represented by 3 types of ball. I use a squash ball to represent VATA DOSHA as its energy is quick and unpredictable; up and down and all over the place. If you are prone to sudden bursts of energy followed by a slump then this is the nature of Vata. I use a football to represent PITTA DOSHA as its energy is direct and forceful and enjoys scoring goals or achieving. Anyone with a highly competitive nature has a strong constitution of Pitta. Lastly comes KAPHA DOSHA. I use a swiss ball to represent Kapha as it is all about comfort. Soft and absorbing, homely and grounded with a steady energy pattern. Most people have a higher propensity of two doshas with the third trailing a little way behind.  You can take dosha test by clicking on the link at the end of this blog.

By finding out what your true nature is you will be less likely to get ambushed by your own responses. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to looking after ourselves but the more you know about yourself the better you will be at making the best choice for you…or at least living with the consequences if you don’t!

Back to the Beginning: Mindfulness Exercise

The first breath you took, the most powerful inhalation is what connects you to your life. This 5 minute mindfulness exercise simply draws your awareness to the place in your body where you feel your breath originate.
Either sit comfortably or lie down and take 3 deep breaths before allowing your breath to find its natural rhythm. Notice that after the exhalation there tends to be a slight pause before you inhale. As you become aware of this pause start to increase its duration to help fire up the inhalation. Then  notice where in your body you feel your inhalation originate and how it feels as your awareness and connection to your breath increases.

Dosha Test