Life Is A Game

The theme for this poem is destiny, or fate, or karma…call it what you like. I remember my dad telling me that “In life, you must play the hand you’re dealt.” And perhaps this conjures up an image of resignation or lack of involved choice in the matter. Not so. How much do we love to listen to a story where the central character started out life with the odds stacked against them only to rise up through the ranks and ultimately achieve the dizzy heights of success? With their unending faith, hard work and dogged determination, and a little luck on the way, they eventually rise to be at the top of their game and are considered winners at the game of life. These stories inspire us and anyone who knows me also knows that I have been greatly inspired by the seven times Formula One World champion Sir Lewis Hamilton whose own life story runs parallel to this script. So, are we all born with the potential for greatness or does this positive approach to winning at life come from those who care for us as children? Our parents or primary caregivers. The great nature or nurture debate. Many studies have shown that both of these elements are influential in the way we think and behave, but when it comes to making our mark and climbing to the top of the ladder of success then surely, it’s true to say that only a certain few will ever achieve that? How much of our success, therefore, is linked to those coincidences that happen in our life, of being in the right place at the right time and of knowing the right person in the most opportune moment.

Einstein said: Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, and whether or not you believe that there is a greater force conducting this melee of mankind, chances are that you will have experienced coincidence at some time in your life. Chance is a curious and ambiguous thing, defined as either the possibility of something happening or the occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause. It can be either fortuitous or accidental. We can consider our chances or leave things open to chance but either way, we cannot control chance. Sometimes we might get a lucky break or feel that luck is on our side or alternatively feel that our luck has run out.

When we play games, especially those that have a certain element of luck or chance to them we get used to the idea of winning and losing and also, whether we care about either. But we play games for fun, to amuse ourselves and so I have to ask, if life is a game, then why aren’t we all having more fun?

In any given moment it’s said that your luck can change. Maybe you really don’t believe in luck and believe that humans just invented the notion of luck, chance and coincidence to help explain what can’t be explained. Well, whatever you do believe, I’d like to offer three pieces of advice: 1. Remember to play fair and don’t cheat. 2. Sometimes you must keep your cards close to your chest and bide your time. And 3. Forget your poker face. If you smile all of the time it’ll fool everyone into believing that you’re winning all the time, and that includes you!

So, today’s poem is titled: Life Is a Game, and don’t forget that if you like what you see and hear, please give me the thumbs up, share this link on social media and subscribe as well if you haven’t already. Your comments are appreciated and most welcome too!


Life is a game of Whack-a-mole
Of hit them back into their hole
As one more problem is resolved
Another one arises.

Life is a game of throwing dice
Of dealing cards and playing nice
Of betting once and winning twice
And accepting your losses.

Life is a game of snakes and stairs
Of it’s my turns and that’s not fair’s
Of never wins and I don’t care’s
And building your defences.

Life is a game of luck and chance
The stakes are raised so hold your stance
The music plays so why not dance
With or without a partner.

Life is a game of ‘What’s my Line?’
Of hide and seek. Give me a sign
Of Simon Said: He’s doing fine
And feeling optimistic.

Life is a game so shake its hand
And get your kicks while you still can
Keep moving forward that’s the plan
Rewind is not an option.

Life is a game so just keep calm
It might seem like a funny farm
Where some are kind and some mean harm
And some put out to pasture.

Life is a game of movie clips
Of flying kites and sailing ships
Your ship’s come in so hold your chips
And cash in all your winnings.

Life is a wall of slot machines
Of bandits who will steal your dreams
The wheel of fortune spins and spins
But won’t land on your number! Life is a game, but we can choose
Whether we win or how we lose
Of I can’t guess. Give me a clue’s
Of lucky breaks and new breakthroughs
Where struggles become last week’s news
For this happy-go-lucky masseuse
Whose poems are a clever ruse
To titillate you and amuse
And I might challenge some taboos
But right now will you please excuse
For fear that I over-enthuse
It’s time to finish this guru’s