Life Happens…

Heather Langley Mental Guru

…when you’re making plans right!

So it’s been a week since my last blog and that’s just the way life is sometimes. When I talk to my clients and other friends it seems like there’s a lot of ‘life’ about right now!

But life is not a thing as such. It has no fixed denomination, equation or definition. It’s quality depends on a variety of factors that relate to how we live and this in turn is influenced by external factors such as where we were born and who our parents were, the Country we were born in and the government at the time.

We compare our life with others which is futile; what is happening at this moment in time in their life is dependent on all other moments leading up to this moment (their history) which will be quite different and distinct from ours.

However, our life will share some qualities with others, notably the obstacles that we will all come up against on the journey to achieving our goals when once amassed become our own personal nirvana.

Your Life Story

You will sometimes be right though not always and you will sometimes be wrong though not always. You will trip over the tail of your pride and hide behind the hood of your doubt. You will enjoy experiences and want more and more and MORE! You will fall prey to your cravings and become addicted but you can pull through because you are stronger than you think you are. You will feel the weight of physical incoherence and be dragged down into lethargy and you will lack motivation and feel the inertia of apathy. You will experience setbacks (plural) and feel like you want to give up and maybe for a moment lose faith in everything. You will experience ill health, mental and physical to greater or lesser degrees and experience differing degrees of recovery from both. You will learn how to manage your health. You will overcome obstacles and you will feel like you can take on the world. The highs and lows that go with living will be experienced by us all which, when we experience any one of them, makes us perfectly normal.

So let your mantra today be ” I am normal”…and breathe!