I wonder what it’s like to have achieved sufficient notoriety where you need no introduction: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey, for example, although there must still be places in the world who have never heard of any of these and have no idea what they look like or even what they do (or did).

So, when we introduce ourselves, we will say our name: I am HEATHER, and then usually our profession: and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Health & Wellbeing Expert, and Massage Therapist. Inevitably we are judged because of our knowledge or experience with someone in that profession. Yoga teachers often fall foul of popular stereotypes and when people meet me, they can make assumptions like:

  • I never get stressed…EVER!
  • I must be flexible to be good at yoga.
  • I’m a Vegan/Vegetarian and possibly teetotal or refrain from alcoholic beverages.
  • I have a wardrobe full of loose fitting garments made from hemp.

Okay, so No, actually! Here’s the reality:

  • I can get stressed. I am running a business by myself and there are still many post-pandemic challenges to cope with.
  • certainly I am flexible because I have always stretched (gymnastics then dance) but this isn’t what makes a person ‘good’ at yoga. I have a very active mind and my challenge within the postures is to maintain the focus.
  • I was a vegetarian for a few years (though I’ve never been vegan). However, I have recently started eating meat again after consecutive illnesses, including Covid19, and the resulting long Covid. Health comes first.
  • Hemp chafes my skin!

We’re all individuals within our chosen profession. My absolute passion is engaging with the public in their pursuit of health & wellbeing goals: employing deep tissue, tension releasing massage techniques and energy efficient Aerodynamic Yoga methodology to help achieve them. But when it comes to my own health & wellbeing goals, how does this look?

  • Experiencing happiness or joy in my day-to-day life by connecting to my core values.
  • Managing my expectations and celebrating my achievements.
  • Identifying the mental process of engaging with damaging self-critical narrative and interrupting it intentionally with positive thoughts and actions.
  • Taking responsibility and changing the mindset default from disappointment to contentment through acceptance.
  • Enjoying the capabilities of my physical self on a day-to-day basis with appropriately selected activities and duration.
  • Eating well and drinking plenty of water to help manage my energy levels with awareness.
  • Not berating myself for the odd indulgence and, whilst I celebrate abundance (it’s everywhere), enjoying things in moderation!

No one is perfect and sometimes I get ill. Menopause, migraines, and mental health are my Achilles heels so I do what I can to manage them specifically. I am prepared to explore different solutions, and recently I have started using CBD oil* to stave off migraines, which seems to be working for me. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, and remember that when it comes to treatment, it is always a collaboration between health professional and patient/client. I would always advise that you take an active interest in the changing landscape of your health, which includes the direction you are travelling in and how you are planning to get there.

*I originally bought the CBD oil to treat menopausal mood swings and only found out about its potential to help me cope with migraines by accident. So, NOT a placebo effect.