Relax & Keep Warm

One of my clients introduced me to this fabulous method of keeping warm at the end of the yoga practice. By placing a folded blanket on top of your mat it will recycle any heat that is given off by the muscles as they release tension: as you relax your muscle fibres release energy as heat. This heat will be absorbed by the blanket’s fibres and it will feel like you are lying on a heated mat. It’s really important that you don’t start to feel cold when practicing relaxation because your muscles will start to become tense again as they are also involved in the process of maintaining the body’s temperature. If, in addition, you cover yourself with another blanket there will be a constant circulating flow of heat during your relaxation. Why not keep a hot water bottle in your prop box and wrap the blanket around it before you start your practice. it will be lovely and warm by the time you get to your relaxation!