Delays Expected

Heather Langley Mental Guru

Setbacks are an inevitable consequence of life and affect us all with regularity. The best laid plans or the best intentions don’t allow for chaos or unpredictability when we have to set aside our goals and deal with the unexpected…

…and so it has been with this blog!

Yoga philosophy (The Yoga Sutras) identify the 9 obstacles that all humans come up against in pursuit of their goal and alongside ‘Setbacks’ are ill-health, lethargy, lack of motivation, doubt, pride, mistaken ideas and beliefs, lack of perseverance, addictions to sensorial pleasures (and I always add loss of faith which makes 10).

So whilst we may fall at some of these hurdles we will gain strength each time we get up, dust ourselves off and start over again…hopefully with extra awareness of the potential pitfalls ahead and our natural response to them. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you stumble or fall on your way; just remind yourself you’re only human and therefore it happens to everyone!