Meet the Team

Inspiration is a form of energy; it expands and draws you into it

Heather Langley

Founder of Target Health Group & Aerodynamic Yoga

Member of Yoga Alliance UK (Chartered Level II) &
Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)
International Therapy Examination Council (I.T.E.C.) for Massage &
Bayley School of Reflexology
Member of Independent Professional Therapists International (I.P.T.I.)

I am fascinated by people; the differences and the similarities that make us who we are

I have been motivated for the last 23 years by a desire to understand the term ‘stress’; what it means to each individual and how they are affected by it. My experience as a Massage Therapist has shown how individual our reactions are to stress and how deeply the body can be affected.

Aerodynamic Yoga was inspired by watching how sports people deal with stress. Their constant struggles and striving to achieve and to be better, the trials and tribulations they face when having to cope publicly with disappointments. Due to watching Formula One since 2007  I have learnt about aerodynamics, drag reduction and energy efficiency.

I had a ‘eureka’ moment when I discovered that my yoga practice was essentially concerned with drag reduction!

I studied massage in London (ITEC 1991) and lived and worked there until 2004 when I decided to move to Spain (Catalunya). I continued to massage whilst learning Spanish and in 2007/08 I studied Dynamic Yoga in Barcelona (EYA). Spain was fun but I really missed England! I returned to Southampton in May 2012 with my massage couch, an inspired mind and my Spanish dog Cato.

Since we’ve been back I’ve managed to put my ideas into action and founded both Aerodynamic Yoga and Target Health Group. We moved into our studio on Bedford Place in central Southampton in August 2014 and everyone loves it there! I’m really enjoying meeting new people and facing the challenges I set myself. Cato loves the change in the seasons, the existence of squirrels and basically being a celebrity in the City!

We’re both very happy to be here!

Join the Team

If you would like to join our dynamic team of therapists and physical instructors at Target Health Group and have proof of qualifications (original documents please), please send your email and details for attention of Heather Langley to:

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self

– The Bhagavad Gita

I love teaching others and I feel very passionate about yoga being for everyone regardless of their physical aptitude.
– Tahlia Miles

Tahlia Miles Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Forgive yourself for everything; you were only learning what it means to be human

I love how beneficial Yoga has been to my mental health as well as physical. I found that it had a huge effect on my perspective on life and how I manage stressful situations in life. It has been so transformative for me and now I want to bring that transformation into the lives of others


Tahlia Miles
Ashtanga & Rocket Yoga Instructor

Registered Nurse – The Nursing and Midwifery Council
Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours – The Yoga Alliance

For a long time, I have struggled to fit my yoga practice into my schedule; working as a nurse means that no two weeks are ever the same. After 5 years of practising with DVDs alongside the occasional drop in yoga session, I realised that my progression was limited. It was time to take it to the next level!

In October 2015, I travelled to Thailand to take part in a month long intensive Yoga Teacher Training course with All Yoga. During this time I studied three forms of yoga. The first of these is the traditional form of yoga called Ashtanga which refers to “the eight limbs of yoga”. It involves synchronising a dynamic and flowing sequence of progressive postures with your breathing that in time evolves into a moving meditation.
The second form of yoga is a variation of Ashtanga called Rocket yoga. This style is fast flowing and fun as you are encouraged to play with the postures and find your own interpretation which in turn promotes creativity and confidence in practice.
Lastly, I studied Yin Yoga which is a gentler, passive and incredibly therapeutic style of yoga.
With 7 years of nursing experience, I am deeply grounded in holistic care and I bring with me a deep understanding of physiology and well-being.

In my spare time I am a competitive power-lifter and enjoy rock climbing, cycling and cooking. I look forward to getting the chance to meet new people and teach you the joys of yoga!

Kate Judina
Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

I first started practicing yoga at the age of 17. At the time yoga was just a form of exercise I did occasionally to stay fit. At university I started taking more classes and through those and through people I have met throughout the years I started becoming more and more interested in the philosophy and the history of the practice. I then decided to complete a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, right at the heart of the Himalayas, studying under some of the brightest minds of the country. There I studied a more dynamic practice – Ashtanga Yoga and the more static practice – Hatha Yoga. Personally I prefer creating the combinations of both, letting the body flow in a way that feels right for you and this is why I have always wanted to teach Vinyasa Yoga, which allows you to be flexible in a way you practice, meeting you needs which are different every time and adapt your practice to it.

I love to see the joy and confidence that this beautiful expressive dance brings to people; it’s a real cure for unhappiness!
-Shelley Lozano
Shelley Lozano
Belly Dancing Instructor &
Reiki Master

International Cabaret Artiste and Entertainer, Shelley Lozano started her professional career over 25 years ago as a dancer and then formed her own unique Cabaret Act of Belly Dancing, Limbo Dancing and Fire-Eating. She has worked in Theatre and Cabaret at home and abroad, as well as providing entertainment on Cruise Liners and in Top Hotels. Her work has taken her as far afield as Europe, Kathmandu, India and the Middle East and has presented her with opportunities to work with a variety of celebrities including Peter Kay, Tony Christie, Frankie Vaughan, Bob Monkhouse and June Whitfield.
Throughout this time she became interested in the Ancient Art of Reiki Healing and has studied Level One, Level Two completing her Third Level Reiki Master Training in 2009.
Shelley is also involved in Big Cat Conservation and speaks professionally, giving illustrated Talks and presentations about the Big Cat Projects and overseas Rescue Shelters in Thailand, Costa Rica and South Africa. She has an advanced certificate in feline behavior and psychology and a diploma with distinction on big cats and has raised over £8,000 for various registered charities.
For more information about Shelley visit:

The world is your oyster go grab it with both hands! Turn the challenges into positive opportunities and convert negative experiences into stepping stones that lead you to your goal.
Your future starts now!

-Helen Davies
Helen Davies
Life and Nutrition Coach

Helen’s background is in Sport and Fitness, Psychology and Life Coaching and Healthy Eating and Nutrition.
She is particularly fascinated by how established behavioural habits affect our current life choices from where we work to what we eat and works to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them regain the power over their future by letting go of their past. She is qualified as an Advanced Life Coach L4 with distinction and launched her own business (Elite Life) in 2012. Helen also offers nutrition advice for healthy living (Human Nutrition Skills Diploma with distinction).
She is a member of: Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI),The International Association of NLP & Coaching and The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

I want to make a difference in people’s lives by treating the underlying cause of their suffering returning them to restored health and a pain free life!

-Emma Hickman

Emma Hickman
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

City & Guilds L3 Certificate Massage Therapy
VTCT level 3 Diploma Sports Massage Therapy
BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma Clinical Sport & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy with The London School of Sports Massage (July 2016)

Emma is our resident Clinical Sport & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist.
She is passionate about making a difference to people’s daily lives through her work and is looking to specialise in treating a wide range of sporting and repetitive strain injuries and chronic musculoskeletal complaints. Emma treats her clients using a variety of soft tissue techniques with the aim of restoring and promoting efficiency and ease in posture and movement, whilst working to reduce pain brought on either through poor posture and movement or stress-related injury or lifestyle.

Emma is passionate about healthy living & leads an active lifestyle through swimming, going to the gym, and in particular running She is a member of Solent Running Sisters, regularly taking part in running events and has personal experience of the recovery journey from impact-related injuries.