Client Reviews

  • Expert teaching, often one-to-one or small numbers. We work hard but we have a giggle too!
    I recommend the facial oils also. I have now had several nice comments about my skin since using them. I use the eye roller and the face oil. ( I have run out of serum, but that is very hydrating also). They are very natural products, great for rosacea.
    Heather’s many years of experience count when you have a massage. Don’t wait for ‘Feel good Friday’ – just get in there!


  • Finding Heather has been a godsend, dealing with family stress for over a year has left me with new physical & mental challenges. Heather continues to be able to adapt the yoga class, at a moment’s notice, to what ever I bring along! I always get a great physical workout, mind space, relaxation & then sometimes I have a fantastic massage to just melt away.


  • Just started yoga to help flexibility and toning! Best bit though is how it de-stresses me and is so wonderfully relaxing! Great class and small and intimate so you get one to one support too!


  • I’m a cyclist and I’ve done other exercise programmes in the past to help build core strength. I’d noticed that other cyclists had a strong preference for sports orientated Yoga as along with developing core strength it also worked on whole body flexibility and strength.

    I looked around for local classes and luckily found Heather’s Aerodynamic Yoga class. I was initially nervous about doing Yoga, but the classes have been great. Heather is a great coach and you definitely feel like you’ve had a workout at the end of the session.
    I’ve now been going for a couple of months and am already noticing improvements in strength flexibility and breathing that are reaping their benefits on the bike.


  • Aerodynamic Yoga delivers a fantastic focus on the dynamics of the body balancing itself through specific muscular connection and core postural control emphasis. Heather is an intuitive instructor who differentiates each asana to meet individuals needs, effectively. Heather’s unique articulation of each instruction helps even the most reticent beginner feel at ease. You only need to try it out once to be hooked!

    Julia, Southampton

  • I’ve been practising yoga for over 10 years and have improved more in this last year since I’ve been coming to Heather’s Aerodynamic Yoga Practice class than at any time previously!


  • When I started Aerodynamic Yoga two years ago there were postures that I thought were out of the realms of possibilty for me. Now they are comfortably within my reach!
    Loving Aerodynamic Yoga; thank you Heather!


  • This course has been such an eye opener for me. Before I had little idea of what total relaxation feels like but thanks to Heather’s guidance and calm instruction I am now keen to learn more and continue to feel amazing!

    Karen (The Ultimate Relaxation Experience)

  • I’m usually a bit sceptical about meditation and wasn’t sure it would really work for me but I was so wrong! I’m amazed at how much Heather’s class has helped me. I’ve always suffered with stress and anxiety but now I have the tools to help combat this. Thank you, Heather

    Mala (The Ultimate Relaxation Experience)

  • Finding Heather has been a Godsend for many reasons. It’s just a shame for me that Aerodynamic Yoga is in Southampton! Great studio, fabulous classes, wonderful teacher!

    Joan, Southport

  • Heather clearly loves what she does; teaching us impossible postures and watching us wrestle with the pain!
    I’ve learnt so many new techniques to improve my practice, not least how to breathe to ease the pain and we keep coming back because we love it too!

    Jane, Southampton