Coffee Break Meditation

There are so many things to look forward to in July. The possible end of COVID restrictions, a new yoga timetable at the studio and some new sessions. To that end I am introducing a joint studio and online session that incorporates coffee, contemplation and meditation. The Coffee Break Meditation session started life online with the idea of thinking about meditating as you might think about making a cup of coffee. We do the latter often because we know we need to take a break and it’s an habitual process that requires little preparation. Meditation works in the same way once you really start to engage with the process, it takes about the same time to set up as it does to make a cup of coffee and can last the same length of time it takes for you to drink it! We crave coffee; the taste, the caffeine and we can train our brain to crave the act of meditation. Sitting quietly for a few moments focusing on the breath to help reset our thoughts and their associated emotions.


Coffee Break Meditation now has an added buzz! In collaboration with Retro Cafe, across the road from Target Health Group (THG) we are able to offer you a coffee included in the price of the meditation! You will simply come to THG around 11am to pay the £8 for the session and receive a specially designed mug to take across the road to be filled with your choice of coffee, and they really are specialists in coffee! But it gets better…


All profits from this session, whether in the studio (£8) or online (£3.50) will be donated to two charities that specialise in helping people who are suffering issues related to mental health. And post pandemic I predict there will be high demand for their services. Solent Mind & Papyrus both work to support people and families affected by mental ill health, whether temporary or ongoing and I would like to support their work. By signing up for the Coffee Break Meditation session you will be helping them to help others.


Each fortnightly session will have a contemplative theme and everyone is invited to comment or chat online. This isn’t about your yoga teacher lecturing you. This is about sharing ideas and experiences. The themes will be posted on Facebook and Online and in the studio I have leaflets detailing the dates and corresponding themes for the rest of the year. Remember, you can always contact me via email or text (07717188845) to find out more.


If you are joining the session online, you only need to sign up and then go to the webinars page to subscribe to each session individually. If you want to attend the studio session the numbers are restricted so booking is essential. Again either email me or text me if you would like to come along. The first session starts at 11.15am on 10th July and the theme is True Potential.

I hope to see you there!