Chaos Reigns

Heather Langley Mental Guru

We survived the Siberian snowstorm and the big freeze has turned into the big meltdown! The experience of these two weather fronts squaring up opposite each other like two boxers varied across the UK but from where I sit today, blinded by the sun and observing the damp patches on the roofs, I’m able to recognise that, beyond the drama, it was a fairly minor inconvenience for most of us. What challenges us most is the chaos of it all and sometimes, as a response to that there seems to be a desperate need for some of us to maintain a level of normality.

Chaos happens all around us, every day, in small or large doses. Nature is chaos. Weather is chaos. Whilst we have the means to observe and predict these things there are still elements of randomness within everything and the storm only serves to remind us of this. By understanding how Chaos Theory works we can learn to accept and adapt which are two of the key elements in harnessing the energy in chaos and making it work for you.

There are 3 ‘values’ required to define chaos theory. The first of these is force or momentum; direction or motivation. The second is inertia. Inertia in itself is a force but offers no resistance to the original force. In fact it allows itself to be affected by the original force. Then the third value necessary for chaos to reign is evolution. This means that the situation should evolve into something that it wasn’t before; there needs to be change! We need to adapt to our actual circumstances as we move forwards or skid sideways!

Whatever you are planning for or working towards allow for a little chaos and adapt your thinking. You will save energy and be healthier for it!