Welcome to my Blog page where the aim is to reinforce a greater understanding of all aspects of your yoga practice and the whys and wherefore of my teaching methods. The concept of yoga as a philosophy for health is over 4000 years old and its manifestations are wide and varied. Aerodynamic Yoga combines my own interpretation of this age-old system with the fundamental nature of force and energy efficiency as the primary concerns in the maintenance of our mental and physical health and wellbeing.  This is reflected in each Blog post and to make their relevance easier for you to trace they are categorised as follows:

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Covid19 may have been the biggest global experiment of our lifetime, and we, the general public, were the guinea pigs.

There is a process for building healthy relationships with the people around us, whether that be our work colleagues, our boss, our family members or our friends. When we become aware that there is a need to resolve an issue, whether the theme relates to establishing a co-parenting strategy or managing work load stress, fairly early on we know we must communicate.

Inevitably we are judged because of our knowledge or experience with someone in that profession. Yoga teachers often fall foul of popular stereotypes and when people meet me, they can make assumptions.

We have things to do. Many things to do every day. It never stops. We’re so busy, here and there doing this and that. We are fully functioning beings completing our tasks through a series of function. So, how can we put the FUN back into function?

Downcast. Despondent. Dispirited. Disheartened. Discouraged. Sometimes life loses its dynamic, its potential, its joy. You wake up and sort of wish you hadn’t, searching for all the reasons you should stay in bed.

‘I can guarantee that whether or not you are able to get your chest on the floor, it won’t change your life or make you a better person.’

The inspiration for this poem came quite out of the blue but was an amazing gift at the time. You know those moments when someone says something revelatory and it keeps you thinking about it for days later... Towards the end of the evening, one of the women there came over to me and told me something. It seemed quite random as we hadn't been talking about it but she said she wanted to tell me about it. It concerned the four stages of LOSS.

ASMR means autonomous sensory meridian response and can be experienced as a tingling sensation that runs from the scalp down the spine, in response to a specific gentle stimulus, usually a particular sound that can leave a feeling of well-being or deep relaxation. If it works for you then splendid, but it didn't do anything for me... except inspire me to write a poem. So I did. I hope this tickles your fancy too!

The first ambitious batch of 60 videos took over 3 months to produce including hours spent in the editing suite adding the graphics and selecting the best camera angle... So, I recorded some more! Just another 15 but this has meant that I have been able to add another 20 Podclasses to the Playlists page.

One of the many symptoms is Brain Fog, which can happen to anyone when they're over tired or under the weather. The experience is literally as if a cloud has descended inside your head and you have no idea where you were going with the conversation or even what the sentence was related to. So, here's a poem about it.