Welcome to my Blog page where the aim is to reinforce a greater understanding of all aspects of your yoga practice and the whys and wherefore of my teaching methods. The concept of yoga as a philosophy for health is over 4000 years old and its manifestations are wide and varied. Aerodynamic Yoga combines my own interpretation of this age-old system with the fundamental nature of force and energy efficiency as the primary concerns in the maintenance of our mental and physical health and wellbeing.  This is reflected in each Blog post and to make their relevance easier for you to trace they are categorised as follows:

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The past year gave me plenty of time to think and I watched as the situation, like a very bad storm, took its toll on my mental health. Here's a poem about my recovery.

We have trained ourselves to appreciate the value of eat all you can buffets when we clearly do not need to eat vast amounts for our body to feel sated. So, we have distorted our idea of what it is to be satisfied.

Einstein said: Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, and whether or not you believe that there is a greater force conducting this melee of mankind, chances are that you will have experienced coincidence at some time in your life.

Ever set the alarm the night before, fully intending to get up early and practice yoga only to hit snooze when it goes off because the bed is so warm and cosy!

When I am suffering an episode of long COVID I might wake up with considerable pain in my wrists and unexplained aches in my hips and back. I can go for days feeling constantly nauseous with a gripping pain in my stomach, and at times, the fatigue is overwhelming. It's like the menopause all over again but much worse!

The inspiration for this poem comes from the process of awareness of sensory information that enables us to form a picture or viewpoint of the world around us.

This poem actually came about as a result of something a client said to me in a yoga class once and I’m sure the phrase: It’s alright for you, will resonate with pretty much everyone.

This is a brief history of how yoga came to be, with a little poetic licence from me. It also explains how I got my inspiration for the title of this category, A Stitch In Rhyme.

After my workshop dedicated to the Sun Salutation warm-up sequence I was moved to write a poem!

How we define ourselves can affect what others think depending on preconceived notions and stereotypes. Find out how this inspired me to write a poem.