Welcome to my Blog page where the aim is to reinforce a greater understanding of all aspects of your yoga practice and the whys and wherefore of my teaching methods. The concept of yoga as a philosophy for health is over 4000 years old and its manifestations are wide and varied. Aerodynamic Yoga combines my own interpretation of this age-old system with the fundamental nature of force and energy efficiency as the primary concerns in the maintenance of our mental and physical health and wellbeing.  This is reflected in each Blog post and to make their relevance easier for you to trace they are categorised as follows:

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Post viral symptoms explained with some methods for combatting their ill effects.

I've written a poem about meditation. I reckon that must be poetry in (no) motion.

Workshop 7/3/21: The importance of the Psoas muscle cannot be underestimated, and its effects on our health and well-being can be significant.

The postures and sequences of Salute to the Sun in glorious, detailed technicolour!

Think Core Yoga is no laughing matter? Think again! Here's a Core Yoga Limerick for your chuckle muscles!

You don't have to be a subscriber to attend the free live session this weekend!

Things that pop into my head while meditating on embracing my problems! No problem hugging the dog though!

The latest update regarding the staged reopening of Target Health Group from April 2021.

Read it and weep, Mick. You CAN get some satisfaction. All it takes is a little rhyme and some serious attitude!

This week's Feel Good Friday yoga themed poem is all about the lunge. So, get ready to step back in rhyme!