Videos, Articles and Collaborations

As a professional therapist with over 24 years experience I understand the importance of working alongside and being able to recommend other highly trained professionals in relation to patient treatment.
With this aim in mind, I have established the ‘Videos, Articles & Collaborations’ page, which will include videos and articles in connection to the yoga classes and treatments I offer, alongside referrals to other tried and trusted practitioners.
– Heather Langley


Titled ‘Who Will Inspire You?’ this video offers an insight into how I became interested in Aerodynamics via the unlikely source of Formula One!



Avenue Clinic Chiropractors will offer a discount of £5 on the initial consultation and treatment fee. Please quote your Your Health Matters membership on booking.


  • Lift & Squeeze

    If you leak when you sneeze then lift & squeeze!

    Avoid those embarrassing moments and find out how and why you should exercise your pelvic floor regularly.

    > Read More: Lift & Squeeze

  • Look Both Ways

    This article about perception was featured in the September 2014 issue of Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine so I am happy to be able to share my first published article with you!

    > Read More: Look Both Ways

  • Breathe Yourself Happy

    Your gut; the inner sanctum where your feelings originate. Find out how to disarm your emotional ‘bombs’ by doing what comes naturally; breathing!

    >  Read More: Breathe Yourself Happy

  • Mighty Muscles

    Think not what your muscles can do for you but what you can do for your muscles

    This article explains clearly what your muscles are used for, how they work and what you can do to ensure that your muscles remain healthy, even in the event of an injury.

    > Read More: Mighty Muscles

  • The RefleX Factor

    When a treatment has that certain something, an X Factor or a ‘je ne sais quois’, there’s often a big question mark hanging over it. This article explains clearly how and why Reflexology works where X does indeed mark the spot!

    > Read More: The RefleX Factor


    The Which, Why, and When of How Massage Works. Hippocrates, also known as the Father of Medicine, recommended a regular massage for the Greek soldiers. Find out why, and what massage can do for you.

    > Read More: WWW.MASSAGE WORKS

  • Understanding Trauma

    Sir Isaac Newton stated that for every action there will be an equal or opposite reaction. This is a law of energy which we know to be in constant motion in our bodies and all around us. But what happens to this energy when we suffer a trauma, and how do our bodies react?

    > Read More: Understanding Trauma

  • Stretch and Grow

    Learn how conscientious stretching helps you progress in your physical training programme and how you can increase your energy potential.

    > Read More: Stretch and Grow

  • Collaboration with Avenue Clinic Chiropractors

    Obviously, the more you practice yoga the more in tune you become with your body. Our bodies have a very efficient way of communicating when something is wrong and we have to listen, interpret and then take responsibility.

    I am pleased to be working alongside The Avenue Clinic in Bedford Place, Southampton in respect of physical problem solving. Please read chiropractor Jan Krir’s article entitled ‘Should I do yoga if I feel pain‘.