All By My Self

Heather Langley Mental Guru

Whether or not you took the Tridosha Test I hope you are beginning to understand that a large part of who you are was predetermined at birth. This means that we will all innately respond differently when faced with the same situation. Some people are naturally more sensitive, some people are naturally more ambitious, some less concerned and indeed some are born worriers. So really, it’s not your fault! Actually it’s not anyone’s fault it’s just the way it is. But as our reactions are governed by our energy levels then there may be times when we are more prone to being angry or more prone to being depressed and neither of these emotions are useful to us over a prolonged period of time.

Getting To Know You

When you meet someone for the first time and they ask you to tell them something about yourself what do you say? Most of us talk about our job or our home life, so I might say “I’m a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I’m not married and have no children but live with my dog!” It actually tells you very little about ‘me‘. Think right now of 6 characteristics of your personality; 3 positive aspects and 3 not so positive aspects and write them down.  When you look at these characteristics can you determine whether they increase or reduce your energy levels?
Remember: Managing your energy levels is the key to both your physical and mental health.


Over and Over, Again and Again

You obviously have more than 3  characteristics to your self and, as in a film with it’s leading roles, supporting roles and bit parts, you too have many resources to call upon. But we are creatures of habit which essentially means we are repetitive and watching the same film over and over becomes boring and predictable. In fact, you are no longer watching after a while as you know what’s going to happen next. This constant, ‘same old’ narrative is playing out in our heads and we’re no longer paying attention to it. This is where mindfulness exercises can really help as they stimulate your powers of observation and, essentially, your curiosity, without which life would be meaningless.

Mindfulness Exercise: The Tree of Life 

Expect the Unexpected!

This exercise requires you to go outside so make sure if it’s cold you wrap up warmly (conserve your energy!)
You will need to walk a familiar route, not too far away but where you can find a tree that you have walked or driven past regularly. Once you have found your tree stand in front of the trunk and begin to notice its features; the contours and thickness of the bark, the colours and patterns within the bark, the shape of the trunk. You can walk around the trunk but be sure to stand still whilst you observe its features. Notice how tall the tree stands, whether it is relatively young or old and how it has weathered the elements. We take so much for granted and familiarity actually breeds disinterest. Nature is responding all the time to different energetic influences borne out by the patterns on the trunk of the tree but the tree continues to grow in spite of what is happening around it. Mindfulness will help improve your awareness of what is going on around you and improve your focus which will help you achieve your goals.

This season’s colours!