Heather Langley

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK


Yoga teacher and massage therapist, Heather Langley has dedicated more than 30 years to the field of health and well-being. She studied complementary therapies whilst living in London, qualifying with ITEC and then establishing her practice as both a massage therapist and reflexologist. She moved to Spain in 2004 and whilst living there, she attended a yoga teacher training course at the Mandiram School of Yoga in Barcelona, where she qualified as a Dynamic Yoga Teacher in 2008.


“Individuality exists in our perception which in turn shapes our response or reaction to
a circumstance or situation. Where a habitual response is not helpful or energy-efficient, it will have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.”


 She moved back to the UK in 2012 and established Aerodynamic Yoga as a brand with its own methodology based on understanding how to manage energy efficiently for the purpose of optimising our physical, physiological, mental and emotional health. Heather owns and runs Target Health Group, a yoga studio and treatments clinic in Southampton, UK.

“Aerodynamics is the science of energy efficiency, and through the practice of Aerodynamic Yoga I manage to put the physics into physical! However, whilst I am serious in my efforts to help improve your health and well-being, I also recognise that fun is ‘fun’damental to any learning experience.
So, please enjoy your yoga practice!”