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9T9 Habits4Health Courses

All courses are 9 weekly sessions of 90 minutes duration with corresponding dates and price listed.

If you are interested in any of the courses listed or if you are a qualified therapist and would like to offer a 9T9 Habits4Health Course please contact me

As a child we learn to walk before we learn to stand still. And so it is with the mind. It learns movement and activity, exploring ideas, opinions, dreams, hopes and fears. It doesn’t know how to stand still. Through the act of meditation the mind learns how to stand still.
Heather Langley (Meditation & Mind Yoga Course)
  • Meditation & Mind Yoga

    Learn effective safeguard techniques to help protect and improve your mental health.
    Our mental health often determines and is determined by our responses to situations. Meditation helps you develop a greater awareness and understanding of your own, and others reactions and by establishing a regular meditation habit you can reduce mental stress or anguish which in turn consumes energy and can jeopardise your health.
    Each week will include a variety of different meditation exercises to help train your mind in the practice of mentally standing still. The course is designed to be attended on all consecutive weeks, however it is also possible to attend individual sessions on a pay as you go basis (subject to availability).

    Next Course starts on Weds 14th Sept (2016) from 5.30pm-7pm and on consecutive Wednesdays at the same time for 9 weeks until Weds 9th Nov

    9 Week Course Price: £99 (YHM £84)

    Individual session £12 (YHM £10)

  • Meditation & Mind Yoga Course details:

    – Reasons for Meditation – The physical and mental health consequences of persistent stress & anxiety
    – The Rules of Meditation – When, Where and How
    – The Breath – Observation of and use of in meditation as a point of focus. The connection to the Central Nervous System
    – Perception & Problem Solving – Our influences, experiences & expectations including primitive brain versus evolution of reasoning
    – Running Commentary – How the language you use to describe your world affects your reactions and your ongoing mental health patterns
    – Brain Waves – Natural energy patterns and how meditation can protect you from drowning in a sea of anxiety